• YesWeCode — Grassroots training programs and teaming up with major technology partners, celebrities and political leaders to promote the goal of training 100,000 low-opportunity youth to become high-level computer programmers.

  • Bento — Learn to code and be a self-taught expert programmer.

  • Blockly — Game-based programming.

  • Code Avengers — A number of courses which include CSS3, JavaScript, and HTML5.

  • CodeHS — Comprehensive teaching platform for helping schools teach computer science.

  • Computer Science Education — Google's paths of learning for students and educators.

  • Computer Science Unplugged — Collection of free learning activities that teach computer science through engaging games and puzzles that use cards, string, crayons and lots of running around.

  • CS First — Free curriculum from Google that uses online, project-based tutorials for elementary and middle school students and offers free club plans and resources to create an easy computer science entry point for educators and students alike.

  • RoboMind Academy — Program to control a virtual robot to move, pick up, paint, etc. using text instructions.

  • Scratch — Program your own interactive stories, games, and animations — and share your creations with others in the online community.

  • Mozilla Learning Network — Lessons and platforms from Mozilla on everything from basic and advanced digital literacy, privacy, programming, and more — also has some incredible online and offline teaching activities.

  • 4Afrika — Education initiative from Microsoft leveraging online and offline learning tools to help Africans develop both technical and business skills for entrepreneurship and improved employability.

  • ABCya — A wide variety of activities, lessons, and games for students to learn about many different concepts in math and language arts.

Last Updated: 8/5/2018, 8:19:06 PM