• BioLite Energy — Innovative cookstoves that powers USB devices from traditional wood fuel.

  • Bluetooth Trackers — Portable devices that attach to objects to track them locally via Bluetooth connectivity.

  • BRCK — Innovative solution to combine a router, USB modem, SIM wireless modem, hard drive, and battery in one device.

  • DarkSucks — Great and rugged products including flashlights and pens, etc.

  • Goal Zero — Configurable solar chargers.

  • LibraryBox — Portable local server that offers up documents.

  • LudoBox — Portable local server built on the LibraryBox concept.

  • Petzl — Headlamp manufacturers.

  • Pirate Box — Portable local server built on the LibraryBox.

  • RACHEL (Remote Area Community Hotspot for Education & Learning) — Collection of tools and offline digital content curated for the Global South educational environment — versions use a Raspberry Pi computer or USB drive.

  • Rasbperry Pi — Small-board computer that provides a cheap and flexible alternative to full-spec desktop computers. Great for learning and experimental applications.

  • TouchTested — Solar charger for portable batteries and phones.

  • Gnarbox — Backup hard drive device for use in the field (creates local WiFi network).

Last Updated: 8/5/2018, 8:19:06 PM