• Pendragon — Data collection company with custom data collection tools for iOS and Android. Oriented more towards the enterprise market.

  • POIMapper — iOS and Android, fairly straightforward but focused on maps (POI is Point of Interest).

  • Qualtrics — Enterprise analytics firm – works in many sectors and known for industry-standard survey, employee engagement, analytics tools.

  • Riwi — Global survey platform — oriented towards organizations looking for large samples of pseudo random users.

  • SMAP — Australia-based consulting group with data collection platform and server.

  • Survey Monkey — One of the earlier and larger browser-based survey tools — many various features and pricing levels.

  • TaroWorks — Android-only, built on the Salesforce platform and originally designed for project management purposes.

  • Telerivet — Global messaging platform oriented towards SMS communications.

  • TextIt — SMS messaging platform with interesting built-in flow controls for more natural 2-way communications.

  • Typeform — Web-based platform for forms. Can also be integrated into other platforms.

  • ViewWorld — Mobile data collection app — good user group controls and sub-forms. Organizations using it include CARE and the Danish Red Cross.

Last Updated: 8/5/2018, 8:19:06 PM